These factors increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women

Do you know the number of people suffering from heart disease has increased two thirds over the past century?

Unlike many people think, the number of women who suffer from cardiovascular diseases related to high as men. But do not take many factors such as tobacco, alcohol, stress or intense activity put pressure on the heart, but women still undergo hormonal problems during pregnancy or menopause.

All these problems are causing adverse impacts, contributing to increased cardiovascular problems. Here is one of the causes of heart disease for women that you might not expect:

Late Pregnancy

Decision older pregnant can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to Jacqueline Bromberg, physician and medical researcher at the Health Center Memorial Sloan-Kettering Weill Cornell University Medical College, New York (USA), the endothelial cells located inside the circuit will gradually degraded over time. The decline in the function of these cells causes the arteries to lose toughness and no longer withstand much pressure as when you were younger.

Comes with the pregnancy, the blood vessels in the body regularly pinched and stretching and just you own a relatively high rate of cholesterol, the dangers to the heart will quickly find you. Besides, the plaque will also be formed in the arteries over time, increase blood pressure and lead to high blood pressure. The hormonal changes during pregnancy and active disturbance of the circulatory system, to contribute to cardiovascular disease risk.


If you are a consultant or operator phone will be very familiar with the concept of making ca. However, Debby Herbenick, a pharmacist consultant cum study medicine at the University of Indiana (USA) recommends women should be extremely cautious when deciding to work on the framework by working irregular hours too late at night may increase cardiovascular risk.

Not only affect sleep and daily living habits, night time also upset the biological clock of the body and increase stress hormone levels cause. Comes with this disorder, bouts of prolonged stress causes the body to inhibit, simultaneously produces cytokines - a chemical harmful to the vessel wall. This is the reason for high blood pressure and lead to complications.

Hormonal problems

According to the Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), the women in the period from 20 to 30 years old often have problems related to heart. Mona Gohara, pharmacist cum general practitioner at Yale University, New Haven (United States) said the figures prove not only women of advanced age and possesses the cardiovascular problems that young women do not Exception. According to Dr. Gohara, hormonal imbalance or decrease activity of the thyroid gland may be the cause of this condition.

According to Mike HOAGLIN, medical professionals responsible pharmacist cum emergency room at Duke Hospital, if you are suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes, obesity, the risk of heart disease also increase more. These conditions are adversely affecting the body, alter hormone levels, making it difficult to adapt and easily fall into a hormonal imbalance.

lack of

Deficiency in menopause or pregnancy can also cause push you closer to the heart attack. The medical specialties often recommend women take calcium supplements as we get older, because the body needs a high mineral content in the bones calcium offset has been aging.

However, too much calcium supplements again causing stenosis condition of calcium deposits subsided due to blood vessels, reduces the flow cross section, causing increased blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. If not detected and treated in time, this situation will cause serious problems such as heart attack and stroke.

Only use animal fats for cooking

If you are suffering from one of these diseases, such as obesity, abnormal blood fat (triglyceride increase, increased LDL, decreased HDL), atherosclerosis, coronary insufficiency, hypertension, diabetes, should eat no fat animals, best used only vegetable oil and more vegetables, flowers, fruit ... the cause is just eating animal fat causes heart problems worse.

Luga Podesta, chief pharmacist Fitness Centre St. Charles Orthopedics in New York (USA) suggested women should maintain doing simple exercises to improve circulation in the body, particularly the discovery of the above problems. Besides, you should note a few things:

- Never self-medication without the instructions of the medical professional.

Regularly check the pressure of pulse, blood pressure and blood glucose levels, at least every 6 months.

- Do not smoke, including passive and proactive.

- Walk 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Additional meditation and yoga exercises on the range of spare time during the week.

- Perform the exercise of the medical expert and monitor progress effectively to be able to adjust training methods most appropriate.

(Source: Thehealthsite)

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